Bedford: The Turbulent Years: Margaret Badley

"This course will explore the history of medieval and early modern Bedford and its immediate surroundings (illustrated from manuscripts, pictures and photographs). We will cover Saxon and Viking Bedford, the Siege of Bedford, Bedford’s medieval churches and abbeys, Bedford under the Tudors, (William and Alice Harpur), the Civil War, (Cromwell and Bunyan). We will examine every day life in Victorian Bedford, including sickness and health and Victorian pleasures. We will conclude with a look at Victorian Xmas and some famous Bedfordians. This course will incorporate a short guided walk around Bedford and a visit to the Bunyan Museum."

Tutor: Margaret Badley

"Margaret Badley MA PGCE has degrees in History and in Government and Politics. Among a number of roles, she was formerly Course Leader in MA War in History and later Head of Education Studies at De Montfort University and a local broadcaster. "