Spotlight on Bedford: Margaret Badley

"This illustrated course attempts to shed light on the main buildings of the centre of Bedford and some of the people and ideas associated with them. Focusing largely on developments in the Nineteenth and Twentieth Centuries as attempts were made to improve the quality of life for Bedfordians, these will include the jewel in Bedford’s crown, the River Gt Ouse, the Embankment, its bridges and monuments. We will also consider religious buildings and ideas (Moravians, Tin Tabernacles, the Parish Church of St Paul); and crucial services in the developing town such as hospitals (The Infirmary, Workhouse and Asylum); Foster Hill Cemetery and educational facilities. We will also look at amenities and entertainments such as museums, the art gallery, cinemas, swimming baths, boating and maybe even Morris men. Alongside these facilities we will examine Bedford High Street and the shops which helped to give Bedford its life and vitality as a small market town. There may also be a short optional local walk."

Tutor: Margaret Badley

"Margaret Badley MA PGCE has degrees in History and in Government and Politics. Among a number of roles, she was formerly Course Leader in MA War in History and later Head of Education Studies at De Montfort University and a local broadcaster. "