Memory Like Scent: A Closer Look at Rebecca by Daphne Du Maurier: Margaret Norwich

"Once more we too may dream of returning to Manderley!  The macabre and timeless atmosphere of this thriller, (or is it a romance?) seen through the eyes of a nameless husband and his charismatic first wife, has captured the imagination of readers since it was published in 1938. The author has suggested it is a study in jealousy; it's certainly a great read and there's much to discuss."

Tutor: Margaret Norwich

"Margaret Norwich studied liberal arts at Vassar College, New York and read English at Girton College, Cambridge.  She has worked in publishing, higher education and the voluntary sector. She lectured on English Language & Literature for many years at Bedford College/De Montfort University, and was Tutor/Organiser for the WEA in Bedfordshire. Her interests include the poetry of Sylvia Plath, the novels of Hilary Mantel, the plays of Tom Stoppard, and the redemptive power of rock music."