The Art of Happiness: A Closer Look at Sense and Sensibility by Jane Austen: Margaret Norwich

"""Know your own happiness.  You want nothing but patience; or give it a more fascinating name: call it hope,"" advises Mrs Dashwood to her guest Edward Ferrars, who is reluctant to end his visit with her family.  In this, her first published novel, Jane Austen explores the art of happiness in the company of Mrs Dashwood and her daughters, serious Elinor, romantic Marianne, little Margaret, their friends and suitors.  Sense and Sensibility is a stylish, witty and elegant novel which invites us to consider contemporary ideas and social convention, the rational and the romantic, sense and sensibility, in ways as relevant today as in 1811.  Please join us: like Jane Austen herself, happiness never goes out of fashion!"

Tutor: Margaret Norwich

"Margaret Norwich studied liberal arts at Vassar College, New York and read English at Girton College, Cambridge.  She has worked in publishing, higher education and the voluntary sector. She lectured on English Language & Literature for many years at Bedford College/DeMontfort University, and was Tutor/Organiser for the WEA in Bedfordshire. Her interests include the poetry of Sylvia Plath, the novels of Hilary Mantel, the plays of Tom Stoppard, and the redemptive power of rock music."