British Geology & How to Read the Rocks Beneath Our Feet: Bev Fowlston

"This course would give people an insight into how geologists read rocks and infer environmental change. This will be achieved through interactive sessions looking at different rocks, maps and data. We will also look at how Britain was built from the earliest rocks to the present day. The course will include 2 field trips to local sites in Bedfordshire to explore the rocks around us. (Own transport to be used/shared)"

Tutor: Bev Fowlston

"Bev Fowlston has lived in Bedfordshire all her life and has a MA in Earth Sciences with a special interest in the Woburn Sands Formation that underlies the Greensand Ridge. For many years she has worked with the Bedfordshire Geology Group, which aims to encourage an understanding of the geology in Bedfordshire. "