The Stuarts: Deirdre Higgins

"The century from the death of Elizabeth 1 to the reign of William and Mary is one of the dramatic periods of British history as it includes regicide, civil war, the Protectorate under Oliver Cromwell, the Restoration, the Plague, the Fire of London and the Anglo-Dutch Wars. We will look at the key themes which underlie the period – fear of absolutism and anti-Catholicism: the balance of power between Crown and Parliament: the growth in financial and political power of the Political Nation: the effects of war. You will learn about some fascinating characters in the political and cultural sphere – Pepys, Van Dyke, John Milton, Oliver Cromwell and Nell Gwynn."

Tutor: Deirdre Higgins

Deidre Higgins has taught History and Politics in schools and further education colleges for 40 years. She has spent the last 10 years at Bedford Sixth Form teaching A Level and has attended History and Politics Conferences led by leading historians and politicians. She has a strong interest in archaeology and landscape and has an MA in Landscape Studies when she wrote a dissertation on the forest of Bromswold. Her other interest is antiques so during her lectures she endeavours to use illustrations from paintings and antiques to enhance her teaching.