Power & Persuasion: Dr Barry Dackombe

"A striking feature of the last century was the prevalence of posters to influence, inspire and persuade the public to action. From the memorable “Your Country Needs You” to “Coughs and Sneezes Spread Diseases” style posters the nation’s hearts and minds were appealed to in order to elicit its support. This course will look at a range of posters from different periods to analyse their message, contemporary mood and preoccupations as well as artistic achievements in order to understand the role of propaganda in its historical context. "

Tutor: Dr Barry Dackombe

"Dr Barry Dackombe is an Associate Lecturer at the OU, where he has been teaching history courses since 2007. Specialising in modern history, Barry has taught courses on the long nineteenth century, war & social change and imperialism & empire. He has a strong interest in the Society of Friends and those who dissent from “perceived wisdom” in relation to international relations."