The Meaning of Evolution: Tim Parrott

"The story of Evolution is arguably the most exciting in the whole of scientific discovery. How can we make sense of the 3.5 billion-year history of life on this planet? We seem to have come in at the end of the show, and all we see is the surviving cast taking the curtain-call. But no. In the 150 years since 1859, we find that things as different as DNA and fossils all tell the same breathtaking story, of species coming and going and relationships spanning millions of years. And you were right: 1859 saw the publication of Darwin’s landmark book. This course explains, quite simply, how the living world has evolved from simple beginnings to “endless forms most beautiful”. "

Tutor: Tim Parrott

"Tim Parrott, who took his degree at Cambridge, has been teaching short courses in popular science to adults for many years. He is especially keen to engage those with little or no prior knowledge. "