Looking Behind the View - A Landscape History of Bedfordshire: Brian Kerr

"This course will follow on from previous courses in both 2016 and 2017, entitled, Bedfordshire Geology and Scenery. These courses looked at how the modern landscape was influenced by physical elements such as geology and soils, and how the countryside still reflects these fundamentals. During 2018 and early 2019 the proposal is to look in some detail at how people have changed the land, beginning with the early Paleolithic arrivals into this area as the glacial ice retreated and climate warmed. This course will be general, informal, and non-technical and should interest anyone who is interested in the present day countryside of Bedfordshire. All examples will be local with hopefully one or more sessions outside the classroom. It is proposed that this course of ten weeks is split with these 5 sessions being followed by 5 weeks in the spring of 2019 beginning on 19th February. Previous attendance unnecessary."

Tutor: Brian Kerr

"Brian Kerr is a soil scientist who is presently a Visiting Fellow at Cranfield University. He has worked with the REC in past years delivering courses in Geology and Scenery. In 2014 he published a Book entitled, An Unassuming County: the Making of the Bedfordshire Countryside, which provided a working background to the previous and this new course. "