Current Political Issues: The Welfare State: Law and Order: The Environment: Deidre Higgins

"Is the welfare state (especially the NHS) being privatised? Is crime increasing or reducing? Will the UK meet its climate change targets? This short course of 6 sessions will examine these topics and any other issues that arise from the discussion. In the first session, each topic will be considered in its historical perspective (from c.2000) and then in the following session we will assess the changes in policy that have been adopted by successive governments. ."

Tutor: Deidre Higgins

"Deidre Higgins has taught A Level Government and Politics at Bedford Sixth Form for the past ten years and is an assistant examiner. She has an Honours Degree in History and an MA from the University of Leicester. During a long teaching career, she has taught in a wide variety of schools. She has been able to hear speeches from many prominent politicians while attending Politics Conferences with her students. "