Five Current Controversies : Roger Cornwell

"We will cover and discuss: Inequality and social mobility: Is the pace of movement satisfactory? Imperialism: History is full of empires, but imperialism is not popular today; were these empires all bad? Did imperialism bring advantages, which outweighed the loss of freedom? Communism: 2017 is the centenary of the Russian Revolution. Communism has had an enormous impact globally, but has it been successful? How do you assess it? Should the revolution be celebrated or regretted? USA: The USA entered the WWI in 1917 marking the emergence of the new superpower of the 20th century. Will the 21st century be seen as China’s century? and Populism: Fashionable word to describe the support for the Brexit vote and the Trump victory. It implies simplistic decision making by ordinary people, anti-establishment, bored by the predictable and influenced by charismatic leaders. But is it dangerous?"

Tutor: Roger Cornwell

"Roger Cornwell has a degree in Modern History from Oxford University. Having taught in grammar schools, he was the Head of two large comprehensive schools. Since retirement he has taught a wide range of courses at the REC and other adult education centres. He is the author of a best-selling book on World History in the Twentieth Century. Roger is also a Governor of the English Speaking Union which promotes the good use of English and international understanding using English as a widely shared language."