Colour and Art : David Lewry

"A fascinating insight into the way that artists have used colour through the ages. Each week we will look at a different colour and explore the history of how it was originally produced and how artists have used it in a wide variety of paintings. We will also consider the way that society perceives different colours from emotional and even political viewpoints. In addition to holding a degree in art history, David is a working artist and experienced practical art tutor at the Centre, so he is able to bring a dual insight to his lectures."

Tutor: David Lewry

"David Lewry attended St Martin’s School of Art in London in the 1970s and, after a diverse career, received a First Class Honours Degree in Social History and History of Art with the OU before studying Botanical Illustration at the Eden Project in Cornwall. In 2006 he was awarded a silver medal by the RHS. He runs a number of classes and workshops in and around the Bedford area and has worked at the REC teaching practical art skills and art history. David is an award-winning wildlife artist and member of the United Kingdom Coloured Pencil Society. "