Anglo Saxon Landscape : Deidre Higgins

"The evidence of pre-Norman settlement in the local area is everywhere – from Devil’s Dyke in Cambridgeshire to King Alfred’s ditch in Bedford; from the Danish Camp to the settlements of Biddenham, Pavenham and Felmersham. In this course we will examine how this area was populated before 1066 in the period between the fall of the Roman Empire and the Norman Conquest. We will look at place names, village and town plans, archaeological finds and bumps and humps in the landscape. Using maps we will examine early parish and estate boundaries and ancient roads and tracks. "

Tutor: Deidre Higgins

"Deidre Higgins has taught A level Government and Politics at Bedford Sixth Form for the past ten years and is an assistant examiner. She has an Honours degree in History and an MA from the University of Leicester. During a long teaching career, she has taught in a wide variety of schools, and has been able to hear speeches from many prominent politicians while attending Politics Conferences with her students."