Particle Physics: Dennis Waugh

"The course will start from very early ideas of dividing matter into smaller units and then progress to the first experimental discoveries. We will then study particle accelerators which allowed the generation of a wealth of new particles, which although carefully documented did not appear to follow an obvious pattern. This will bring us to quarks which allowed physicists to simplify the so called ‘Particle Zoo’ with the ‘Standard Model’ .More powerful particle accelerators have allowed physicists to search for some of the missing parts of the Standard Model – like the Higgs Boson – as well as recreating the conditions known to be present at the Big Bang – looking back in time. We will study the activities of some of the modern particle accelerators including CERN. The course will conclude with a look at some of the unsolved mysteries such as antimatter and dark matter. Although opportunities for practical work are clearly limited, the sessions will be fully illustrated wherever possible with diagrams and video, and the course will be accessible online."

Tutor: Dennis Waugh

"Dennis Waugh obtained his BSc Hons. in Applied Physics and Electronics from Durham University and taught in a comprehensive school in Newcastle Upon Tyne. He joined the Bedford School Physics Department in 1983 and taught GCSE, A-level and IB physics as well as GCSE and A-level Electronics,Dennis retired from teaching in 2012, after which he worked for the Institute of Physics in their Stimulating Physics Project."