Economics in the News: Angela Pollard

"This course aims to emphasise the application of economic theory to the current news. If you would like a little more explanation and discussion of the economic theory behind government policy, or of issues in the recent news, then this course is aimed at you. We will focus on news items of interest and draw out the economic theory behind the ideas/issues. For example, what do we mean by ‘standard of living’, or what is the reasoning behind changes in interest rates, or what are the wider implications of rising house prices? We will also look at tracking some of the changes in the economy and analyse the ‘gainers and losers’. Who will benefit from a rise in inflation for example and who will lose and who will gain from a fall in economic growth or a rise in unemployment? No prior economic knowledge necessary."

Tutor: Angela Pollard

"Angela Pollard took her first degree at Portsmouth University and then her Masters in Development Economics at De Montfort University, where she also taught. Most of her career has been in schools, working in Sussex for eight years before a two-year spell in Ethiopia. She taught briefly in Leicester and Solihull before moving to Bedford twenty years ago to work initially at Bedford High School and, for the past fifteen years, at Bedford Modern School where she was Head of Economics and, subsequently, Head of the PPE faculty until September 2016. "