Understanding Maps : Alice Gadney

"Get to know all about the map in this 5-week course! Starting with Understanding maps and getting to know how to read a map, through to the history of mapping and how maps impact our world today through Science, Technology, Engineering Art and Maths! We will have a look at ‘Maps in the news’ and ‘maps on our plates’ and will ask you to bring in cuttings from press and food wrappings! The course finishes on a creative note with getting creative and exploring your newfound knowledge. This course is for anyone interested in maps or people who want to know more about maps! Max 10 Students"

Tutor: Alice Gadney

"Alice Gadney is a Cartographer and Geologist, with nearly 20 years’ experience with mapping all sorts of different subjects in different places to different people! From Impact craters in Mexico to Oil & Gas in Mozambique, Geological Mapping in Spain and Pirates in Bedford! From 3 year olds to 98 year olds – we all have a fascination with maps (even if we don’t understand them or can’t read them)."