Beginners Arabic: Afaf Musallam

"This course is for students who are interested in finding out more about a language that is read, written and spoken by 420 million people in the world and those who want to learn the basics of writing and reading of the Standard Arabic language (Classical Arabic). We will start with an introduction to the alphabet, as it is read and written from right to left, then moving to the structure of verbs and nouns. It is a challenging, logical language that builds on fundamental basics.  The Course also introduces the Levant colloquial spoken Arabic (English phonetics). The language is very much entrenched in the culture, customs and traditions of the Middle East which you will learn about."

Tutor: Afaf Musallam

"Afaf Mussallam was born in Palestine, studied at Beirut Haigasian University and lived in Lebanon before relocating to the UK. Her mother tongue is Arabic and she has been providing Arabic language tuition for the last 15 years as well as an interpretation and translation service for the last four years."