French Conversation Advanced: Christine Bailey

"The level required for the conversation class is advanced. Vous parlez couramment! There is no grammar at this level. The session starts with general conversation on topics of interest such as holidays, promoting events, items of news, n’importe quoi en fait! This is followed by translation work, vocabulary exercises etc.…or, best of all, a special presentation by one of the students on a subject of their choice. We also study a book through the year. Venez vous joindre à nous et n’oubliez pas d’amene votre sens de l’humour. A bientôt!"

Tutor: Christine Bailey

"Christine Bailey, French by birth, arrived in England at 19 and later settled when she married an Englishman. She has been teaching French conversation at the REC since 2004. Christine also teaches French at La Petite Ecole Française and provides group and individual tuition at home at all levels."