French Conversation - Intermediate: Christine Bailey

"The level required for this conversation class is intermediate; the aim is to become able to understand and take part in everyday conversation. Grammar tuition is occasionally present though not on a regular basis and is not a main feature of the course. You will be required to use the correct basic tenses (present, past and future). The sessions consist of 45 to 60 minutes of conversation followed by activities like translations, crosswords etc... We also study a book. Our group is very friendly and keen to welcome new members. Nous vous attendons! Not suitable for beginners."

Tutor: Christine Bailey

"Christine Bailey French by birth, studied in France and arrived for the first time in England at 19. She later settled when she married an Englishman! She has been teaching French conversation at the REC since 2004. She runs French classes in primary schools, at Home Education in Bedford and as an after-school club format. She also provides group and individual tuition at home at all levels."