Creative Writing: Daniel Duddridge

"For the first term we will concentrate on the short story. This is an important discipline and the ideal way to explore some of the vital elements of fiction - plot, characterisation, voice and setting. Each week we will analyse a short story and look at the devices the writer has used. The class will then write their own short story, drawing inspiration from what we have read. Each class will include a workshop session where the class members can read their piece aloud and have it critiqued by the class. For the second and third terms we start our novel. Using the skills we have learnt from the short story, the class will start a novel and read aloud a passage each week to be critiqued. For many the thought of writing a novel can be daunting, but by setting a realistic target each week and reading your work to an audience, the writer can refine, polish and progress with their piece."

Tutor: Daniel Duddridge

"Daniel Duddridge has had a varied employment history but his real passion is Creative Writing and he has a BA Hons. and an MA in the subject. He has just finished his first novel, is currently writing some short stories and hopes to soon embark on his first situation comedy. He has taught at the REC previously standing in for sickness or holiday and is now taking over the subject permanently."