Advanced Bridge (2.30-4.15): Colin Porch

"I intend to carry on from last year, introducing more efficient ways of describing their hands to those who already know how to play; how to plan their declarer play to best advantage and how to co-operate with a partner in finding the best defences. But most of all… we want you all to enjoy yourselves! And. the better you play the more you will enjoy it!"

Tutor: Colin Porch

"Colin Porch developed a passion for bridge in the 1960s and has taught the subject at the London School of Bridge, at local clubs and latterly at his home in Higham Ferrers. He attained the rank of Grand Master many years ago. A large part of his life was spent in writing computer games on the Commodore 64 and Atari ST computers, for Ocean Software in Manchester. He is a self-taught organist, playing for his own amusement at home. "