How to be a Street Artist: Paul Nicholson

"This course will study the work of a number of street artists who have produced small scale but interesting artwork. These include Ben Wilson ('Chewing Gum Man') and others who produce 3D artwork, stencils and paste-ups. Inspired by these ideas, the group will produce their own pieces of street art, developing their own versions. Techniques to be covered will include spray painting, collage, plasticine/clay modelling, plaster casting etc. It is hoped that some of the artwork produced will be installed on the streets of Shoreditch to make the course a real- life street art experience."

Tutor: Paul Nicholson

"Paul Nicholson Paul has a degree in Fine Art and a wealth of teaching experience in schools and other settings. He has worked on many community arts projects in Bedford over the years, producing more than a dozen public murals. He is a keen photographer and has been documenting the world of graffiti since 1984, becoming an expert on street art in the last ten years. Paul has led a number of popular street art tours of east London and his most recent mural involved a number of students from Daubeney Academy adding their stencilled portraits to the wall of the art room along with Banksy-style slogans. He visits London on a weekly basis to catch up with the latest murals and has met most of the well known street artists whose work adorns the walls of the east end."