French Upper Intermediate : Marion Moutel-Davesne

"Students in this class will have learnt some French before; they will for example have done 4 years or so of part-time study or will have done their O Level (or A Level) some time ago. This course aims to consolidate their knowledge of the French language, as well as different skills (speaking, reading, listening) through a variety of activities and resources (articles, short stories, internet)."

Tutor: Marion Moutel-Davesne

"Marion Moutel-Davesne went to the University of Caen where she did a BA in English and a degree in Spanish. During her fourth year, she went to Roedean School as a Language Assistant. She then found a job in Essex, in a local comprehensive school, and did a BA in Teaching French as a Foreign Language. She taught evening classes at Bedford College for a long time and, for the past twelve years, she has been teaching French at the REC."