Classical Guitar (Starts at 10.15): Boe Pyne

"Ensemble playing forms a large part of what we do; the combination of several relatively simple parts provides a fun way to learn, and enjoy, the classical guitar. Prospective new members should have a very rudimentary acquaintance with classical guitar technique together with some music reading ability (approaching grade one). If you are a complete beginner there is a class on Tuesday mornings at 10am."

Tutor: Boe Pyne

"Boe Pyne having gained a distinction at grade eight in classical guitar went on to study physics and astronomy at Sheffield University. However, since graduating, he has been teaching classical guitar and over the decades he has refined and extended his technique as well as his understanding of it with regard to classical guitar pedagogy. He has taught in schools, for institutions like the REC and Milton Keynes Music Service, as well as privately at home."