Bridge - Intermediate (10.30-12.30): Sian Harrison

"This is the middle level course at the REC which runs bridge at the Novice, Intermediate and Advanced levels. It is designed for students who have completed the REC Novices course and are happy in your knowledge and play. There may be some of you who attended this Intermediate course last year and who feel you like would like some repetition. Also welcome are newcomers to bridge at the REC – you may have been playing at home or on cruises for some years and are confident with basic Acol. We shall be a small relaxed group who’ll have fun playing and practising techniques and bidding. There will be much discussion and guidance. The course topics will be taken from the requests and needs of you, the players, in order to build on your skills. Examples of topics might be opening leads and bidding weak twos or transfers (but probably not splinter bids or squeezes and such topics as are covered in the advanced course). We’ll usually play in duplicate pairs in order to compare hands – bridge is a competitive game – but there will be supervision and advice whenever you wish for it and hopefully it will all be relaxed and enjoyable. At the end of the year you should be confident enough to play in a club or move on to the Advanced course here at the REC."

Tutor: Sian Harrison

"Sian Harrison studied in Wales and at Cambridge and worked in IT and education. She has enjoyed being a student at the REC for at least 10 years and last year was proud to take on the role of bridge tutor. Sian believes that bridge should be a sociable and enjoyable game and teaches informally, learning through playing and building on skills. Having herself learnt the game later in life she understands that repetition is sometimes needed! Over the last 10 years she has taught bridge in schools, for the U3A and in pubs. She plays at a couple of clubs - and sometimes even wins!"