W.H. Auden: Jenny Morris

"Hugh MacDiarmid dismissively described W.H. Auden ""a complete wash-out"" as a poet. The formidable Cambridge critic F.R. Leavis was a little more expansive but no less dismissive, when he wrote that Auden's ironic style was ""self-defensive, self-indulgent or merely irresponsible"". Most of us nowadays who have read or heard Auden's poetry, if only 'Funeral Blues' (in 'Four Weddings and a Funeral') take a very different view of Auden's work. He wrote plays and essays as well as poetry, and did travel writing at various periods in his life; he also held strong political views. Participants are welcome to bring copies of any Auden works they may own, but copies of texts will be provided for use on the day."

Tutor: Jenny Morris

"Jenny Morris is an Associate Lecturer at the OU and also a school teacher, teaching Classics and Philosophy. She read these subjects at the University of Cambridge and undertook postgraduate research at University College London. She was Head of Classics at Bedford High School for Girls for twenty years and continues to teach in local schools. She started working as a tutor here at the REC in 2011 and enjoyed the company of its students immediately."