Samuel Palmer: Dr Gary Day

"Samuel Palmer is not the best known of English painters but he helped found what is arguably the first movement in British art, ‘The Ancients’. He is also a fascinating figure whose work changes radically from his early to his late period. He was a friend of Blake and much influenced by him. This one day course will focus mainly on Palmer’s early work and its intense, visionary qualities. His vivid, electric colours are not far removed from those found in Van Gogh, but his canvases are far less agitated than those of the Dutch genius. In some ways, they offer a metaphorical return to the womb. "

Tutor: Dr Gary Day

"Dr Gary Day was a principal lecturer in English at De Montfort University. He teaches courses on a wide range of subjects including poetry, philosophy, the history of drama, and cultural history. He has edited a number of books on topics ranging from popular culture to D. H. Lawrence. "