Mindfulness : an Introduction: Dr Adrian Page

"Mindfulness originated in Buddhism, and it has become a frequent topic in self-help publications, online organisations offering to reduce stress, and in psychiatric advice provided by the NHS. This day course will chart the origins of Mindfulness, how it came to be so popular in the West, describe the range of offerings currently available and show how best to find a provider who can help. In particular, the day will seek to answer the question, 'how can mindfulness benefit the individual? We will look at some research to assess the evidence for claims made for the practice and take a critical approach to enable participants to determine the value of mindfulness to them. The day will include an opportunity to take part in mindfulness meditation and mentalexercises, but there is no need to adopt unusual postures or experience any discomfort. Questions and discussion will be welcome and opportunities for further investigation will be provided."

Tutor: Dr Adrian Page

"Dr Adrian Page was awarded his PhD in English in 1981 and has subsequently worked as a Senior Lecturer at Bedford College, the University of Luton, and the London Metropolitan University, where he was Associate Dean in Humanities, Arts and Languages from 2006-12. He lectures and publishes on a wide variety of subjects including literature, film and drama. "