JMW Turner: Dr Gary Day

"Everyone knows that Turner is a painter of powerful atmospheric effects. But his paintings didn’t please everyone. The critic William Hazlitt dismissed Turner’s experiments as ‘pictures of nothing and very like.’ A remark, incidentally, that probably captures Turner’s genius. Andrew Graham Dixon calls him ‘the greatartist of insubstantiality, a painter of the least solid phenomena: light, atmosphere, mists, vapours and sea-spray.’ This one-day course will offer an introduction to Turner’s work looking at such things as his admiration for the 17th century French artist Claude Lorrain, his relation to romanticism and his response to the Industrial revolution. "

Tutor: Dr Gary Day

"Dr Gary Day was a principal lecturer in English at De Montfort University. He teaches courses on a wide range of subjects including poetry, philosophy, the history of drama, and cultural history. He has edited a number of books on topics ranging from popular culture to D. H. Lawrence. "