Evelyn Waugh: An Introduction to the Humorous Novels: Dr Adrian Page

"Readers who are not familiar with Waugh's work will find it both hilarious and sharply critical of recognisable human failings. In many cases, Waugh captures today's controversies such as the behaviour of the Press. The day will begin by outlining Waugh's life and the history of the early twentieth century where his comic novels are set. Waugh's writing style will be examined and his witty satire will be illustrated. Each novel will be approached by explaining enough of the plot to inspire the participants to read and enjoy more. The novels discussed will be:Decline and Fall, Vile Bodies, Black Mischief, Handful of Dust, Scoop, Brideshead Revisited and The Loved One. There is no need to purchase all the novels as the aim of the day is to allow attendees to discover interests they would like to follow up."

Tutor: Dr Adrian Page

"Dr Adrian Page was awarded his PhD in English in 1981 and has subsequently worked as a Senior Lecturer at Bedford College, the University of Luton, and the London Metropolitan University, where he was Associate Dean in Humanities, Arts and Languages from 2006-12. He lectures and publishes on a wide variety of subjects including literature, film and drama. "