Aesop’s Fables : Jenny Morris

"We have all known some of these tales - probably since childhood. They continue to be told, illustrated, read, televised and above all enjoyed. It is by no means certain that 'Aesop' ever existed, and certainly no original works by him have survived. From as early as fifth century BC writers were recording his fables and commenting on their morals. From this time on, there has become a rich body of Aesop material in art, literature and popular culture. Perhaps the very absence of a canonical edition of Aesop's fables has left scope for the creativity and inventiveness of later eras in many cultures. During the afternoon, we shall make a short visit to the local Higgins Gallery to be shown Edward Bawden's illustrations - not currently on display. Participants are invited to bring copies of any Aesop's fables they may own, in any language, and preferably with illustrations. "

Tutor: Jenny Morris

"Jenny Morris is an Associate Lecturer at the OU and also a school teacher, teaching Classics and Philosophy. She read these subjects at the University of Cambridge and undertook postgraduate research at University College London. She was Head of Classics at Bedford High School for Girls for twenty years and continues to teach in local schools. She started working as a tutor here at the REC in 2011 and enjoyed the company of its students immediately."