My Ancestor was a Criminal: How Can I Find Out More? : Liz Carter

"Fortunately, not many of us can claim to have criminal ancestors – but how do we know who was, and who was not? Many more of our forebears actually had dealings with the courts than you would guess! Using local case studies, we shall explore the records of the local and national courts and prisons, many of which are now available online as well as held at local archive offices. Students will come away from the day school with a comprehensive list of resources to follow-up."

Tutor: Liz Carter

"Liz Carter developed a passion for family history into a small research business, back in the 1980s and then went on to lecture for the University of Cambridge and the WEA locally. She also works for Pharos Tutors, specialising in distance learning (internet classes) in local, social and family history. She has a keen interest in all things historical, especially the 18th and 19th centuries plus aspects of poverty. "